The exhibition “Chinese Dragons Roaming Yunnan: A World of Fantasy at the Yunnan Art Museum” is a fascinating opportunity to immerse yourself in the art and culture of this region of China. Known for its ethnic diversity, stunning landscapes and rich history, it offers a unique context for this exhibition.

Dragons are an integral part of Chinese culture and mythology, and their presence in this exhibition not only evokes fascination with these mythical creatures, but also reminds us that they are considered a symbol of power, good fortune and prosperity.

Through the 90 works of art on display, visitors have the opportunity to explore diverse representations of these dragons, from traditional interpretations to contemporary reinterpretations.

A notable feature of the exhibition is its focus on the ethnic murals of Yunnan. A form of artistic expression deeply rooted in local cultures, these murals offer a window into the traditions, beliefs and values ​​of various ethnic groups.

By dividing the exhibition into three thematic segments, viewers are allowed to appreciate the diversity and richness of the artistic styles present.


Additionally, the exhibition highlights the work of contemporary Yunnan artists, who continue the region’s artistic tradition while exploring new techniques and forms of expression. His ability to fuse elements of Chinese culture with modern perspectives creates works that are both evocative and innovative, showcasing the vitality and creativity of the art scene today.


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