Taurus, a leading digital asset infrastructure provider backed by Deutsche Bank Stellar (XLM) announced that it is expanding its network.

The Swiss fintech company is known for providing services to major financial institutions such as Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse and Santander.

Starting Monday, Taurus’ digital asset custody platform Taurus-PROTECT and digital issuance and tokenization platform Taurus-CAPITAL will be available on Stellar’s open-source, public blockchain. This integration will allow banks and issuers to issue and manage any tokenized asset on the Stellar network with the ability to fully customize and automate payment flows using programmable wallet behaviors and banking-grade access controls.

Taurus’s Head of Global Strategic Partnerships, Jürgen Hofbauer, said in his statement:

“The integration with Stellar aligns seamlessly with Taurus’ strategic growth as the blockchain is optimized and developed for asset tokenization. Our banking and non-banking clients can now benefit from lower fees and faster transactions, optimizing efficiency across a variety of tokenization use cases, including equity, debt, structured products, funds, tokenized deposits, and CBDCs.”

Prior to this announcement, Taurus’ tokenization service Ethereum and was supporting Tezos.

*This is not investment advice.

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Source: https://www.bitcoinsistemi.com/deutsche-bank-istiraki-sirket-unutulmus-surpriz-altcoin-ile-isbirligini-acikladi/

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