Kebda iskandarani is a traditional Egyptian dish that focuses on beef liver. Originating from the city of Alexandria (Iskandarani in Arabic), this dish is an integral part of Egyptian street cuisine and gastronomy.

The dish is prepared by sautéing beef liver in a pan with garlic, cilantro and sometimes onion. The combination of spices and herbs gives the liver a distinctive and delicious flavor. It is usually served hot and fresh, straight from the pan to the table.

In terms of presentation, it can be served in different ways. It is often served thickly sliced ​​or in pieces, accompanied by warm pita bread or Arabic bread. Some places also serve it with lemon and sometimes with spicy tomato sauce.

To enjoy kebda iskandarani, you can eat it in several ways. Many people enjoy it wrapped in pita bread, along with pieces of tomato, cucumber, and a squeeze of lemon to add a touch of freshness. Others prefer it simply with a side of rice or salad.

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How to prepare iskandarani kebda at home


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