CoinTR, the cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2022, signed a cooperation protocol with Yıldız Technical University, one of Turkey’s well-established universities. The protocol was made with the university’s Metaverse Application and Research Center (METAM).

CoinTR CEO Ali Eşelioğlu stated that the main purpose of the collaboration is to open the digital world to young people and to let as many young people through this door as possible and used the following statements:

“A digital future awaits us. As a country, we must prepare for this both individually and institutionally. This can only happen with education and literacy. As CoinTR, we are working on many different projects in this field under the umbrella of CoinTR Education. We make announcements as they come to life. In this sense, we are happy to announce our valuable cooperation with YTU METAM. Our goal is to reach the maximum number of young people, to open the doors of the digital world to them, and to open new horizons for them and lead them to be in this digital world in the future. Within the scope of cooperation, we are also preparing an intensive training – certificate program covering public and private organizations. We will also provide the first training in this field in the later days of February. Our goal is to spread these certificate programs throughout Türkiye.”

YTU METAM Director Assoc. Dr. Ertan Toy stated that Yıldız Technical University continues its work to increase transparency and security in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain and that cooperation is very important in this sense:

“Yıldız Technical University has the goal of being a pioneer in the fields of blockchain and metaverse, as in many fields. Our research center called YTÜ METAM, which we established within the university, aims to be a bridge between the private sector and academia to support these goals. In this context, I am very happy to announce our cooperation with CoinTR. We think this collaboration will be a turning point in our leading position in blockchain research. Our coming together reflects our commitment to providing greater accessibility, security and transparency in the rapidly evolving crypto space. Our shared vision is to enable individuals and businesses around the world to leverage the full potential of decentralized technologies. “We look forward to the transformative impact this collaboration will bring and look forward to shaping the future of digital economies together.”

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