A lot crypto para In a world where many projects depend on artificial intelligence (AI), the growth of artificial intelligence has led to increased competition for processing chips.

However, Coinbase research analysts David Duong and David Han predict that artificial intelligence and technology-driven efficiency gains will unexpectedly affect cryptocurrencies by reducing inflation. According to analysts, this decline could lead to lower interest rates and thus increase the appetite for riskier assets such as crypto.

“We believe the disinflationary effects of AI and technology-driven productivity gains will continue their trend of moderating inflation throughout this year,” analysts said in a report published today.

The report also stated that these AI-driven efficiencies, combined with increasing political pressure for monetary easing in the United States, could support earlier and more aggressive interest rate cuts than the FED has indicated to date.

“Once rate cuts begin, we think it will be a constructive catalyst for both stocks and crypto because it could lead to an outflow of capital from money market funds, which currently hold $6.4 trillion, into other asset classes,” the analysts added.

*This is not investment advice.

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Source: https://www.bitcoinsistemi.com/coinbase-fedin-surpriz-bir-sekilde-agresif-faiz-indirimi-yapabilecegini-iddia-etti-kripto-paralara-yarar/

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