The installed capacity of new power produced by wind and solar power in coal-rich Shanxi Province reached 51 million kilowatts in January 2024, accounting for 38% of the province’s total, according to the State Grid branch.

Wind and solar energy each have a capacity of more than 25 million kilowatts, the company added.

In 2019, China launched an energy revolution pilot program in Shanxi, hoping the province would make progress in building a clean, low-carbon energy consumption model and promoting innovation in energy technology.

In 2023, Shanxi supplied a new record of 157 billion kWh of electricity to other regions, of which 9.6 billion kWh was new energy, recording an increase of about 15% year on year.

Shanxi proposed that by the end of the 14th Five-Year Plan period (2021-2025), new and clean energy would account for 50% of its total installed capacity and 30% of its total power generation.


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