Before the general elections of April 10the ruling People Power Party (PPP) and the main opposition Democratic Party (DP) each launched “ghost political parties,” commonly known as satellite matchesfor proportional representation seats in the 300-member National Assembly, which are assigned to parties based on the total number of votes they receive.

These satellite parties often merge with their parent parties after elections, contributing to their total parliamentary seats.

The official campaign for the April 10 general elections begins in South Korea

The Citizens Coalition for Economic Justice filed a petition, along with a request to suspend satellite parties, to the Constitutional Court. The petition claims that the PPP and DP created them for the sole purpose of achieving proportional representation seats.

The group stated that the “two giant parties” went beyond attacking the objective of the proportional representation system, intended to benefit minority parties, to seize parliamentary seats and electoral subsidies from other parties. They added that this violates the spirit of representative democracy.

The civic group had filed a similar petition against the two main parties before the previous general elections in 2000, but the court dismissed it.


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