Recognised for his work at blockchain consulting start-up Zynesis, Chua U-Zyn is a pioneering Smart Nation Fellow under the Government Technology Agency of Singapore. Galvanised by an unrelenting thirst for knowledge, the 35-year-old blockchain engineer was also one of the first developers in Singapore to explore the cryptocurrency Ethereum. Projects he is working on include a cryptocurrency-related product for Zynesis and a decentralised content storage and streaming service for a local corporation. In 2019, U-Zyn and fellow Gen.T honouree Julian Hosp co-founded Cake DeFi, a platform that harnesses the potentials of decentralised finance. 

Chua U-Zyn is a Singaporean entrepreneur and technologist best known for co-founding Cake DeFi, a leading platform for decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions. Here’s a closer look at his impressive background and achievements:

Tech Savvy and Pioneering Spirit:

  • Singapore Smart Nation Fellow: Recognized for his work at blockchain consulting start-up Zynesis, focused on blockchain-related products and decentralized content storage solutions.
  • Silver and Bronze Medallist: In the Singapore National Olympiad in Informatics, showcasing his early talent and aptitude for technology.
  • CTO & Co-Founder of Cake DeFi: Launched in 2019, Cake DeFi has become a global leader in DeFi, offering various services like staking, lending, and liquidity mining.

Leadership and Recognition:

  • Singapore’s 50 Successful IT Developers: Acknowledged for his contributions to the tech industry in Singapore.
  • Asia’s Top 25 Young Entrepreneurs: Honored for his entrepreneurial spirit and success in building Cake DeFi.

Beyond Tech:

  • Active contributor to the DeFi community: Regularly shares insights and expertise through articles, workshops, and conferences.
  • Advocate for financial inclusion: Believes in the potential of DeFi to democratize access to financial services.

Looking Ahead:

  • With the ever-evolving DeFi landscape, Chua U-Zyn is likely to remain at the forefront, leading Cake DeFi through further growth and innovation.
  • His commitment to technology, entrepreneurship, and financial inclusion suggests a continued positive impact on the industry.

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