The carrier rocket for China’s Queqiao-2 relay satellite arrived at the Wenchang Space Launch Field in south China’s Hainan Province, the China National Space Administration (CNSA) said on Thursday.

The Long March-8 Y3 rocket will undergo assembly and testing at the launch site, the CNSA added. As a new generation carrier rocket, the Long March-8 uses environmentally friendly liquid propellant.

According to CNSA, Queqiao-2, which was transported to the same launch site earlier this month, is scheduled to be launched in the first half of 2024.

At present, facilities at the launch field are in good condition and preparatory work is underway as planned, the agency said.

Queqiao-2, or Pegas Bridge-2, will serve as a relay platform for the fourth phase of China’s lunar exploration program, providing communications services for the Chang’e-4, Chang’e-6, Chang ‘e-7 and Chang’e-8.


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