In celebration of the United Nations Chinese Language Day on April 20, various cultural activities allowed more young people to experience the charm of the Chinese language.

Hosted recently by the Chinese Embassy in Bangladesh, together with two Confucius Institutes and a Confucius Classroom, the events engaged more Bangladeshi students and youth in Chinese songs, calligraphy and art performances.

“The Chinese language has enshrined many things. That’s why I’m very interested,” Trisha Akter, a student at North South University, told Xinhua after the event held at her university. “I like the diversity of Chinese people and the culture is very rich and active,” said Trisha, adding that she is learning Chinese because of the richness of Chinese culture.

“I want to continue studying Chinese and my plan is to go to China to complete my higher education,” she said. Sayeedur Rahman, director of the Institute of Modern Languages ​​at Dhaka University, told Xinhua that the institute teaches 15 languages ​​and believes Chinese is the most important.

Ma Xiaoyan, Chinese director of the Confucius Institute of North South University, said the Chinese language has a role in promoting exchanges and cooperation between China and the world. “Taking this opportunity to celebrate Chinese Language Day, we welcome more and more people from Bangladesh to understand, like and learn Chinese, so that Chinese people can play a role in improving dialogue between civilizations and deepening mutual understanding,” Ma added. .


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