Founded in 1992, KEDA Industrial Group, a China-based company mainly engaged in manufacturing and selling construction materials machinery, established a ceramics factory in Kajiado County, southern Kenya in 2016 in a joint venture venture with the Chinese Guangzhou Sunda.

Li Ruiqin, managing director of KEDA (Kenya) Ceramics Company Limited, said its investment in the production of high-quality ceramic floor tiles has served as a model to revitalize the local manufacturing sector to stimulate economic growth and job creation.

According to Li, establishing a ceramic tile factory in rural areas has brought benefits to the local economy, citing the hotel and transportation businesses that have been flourishing since the factory’s establishment.

“As our presence in the Kenyan market expands, KEDA has adhered to local policies and regulations as well as invested in community empowerment projects including schools, roads and water supply,” Li said during an interview with Xinhua at the factory ceramics from KEDA.

Li revealed that KEDA has set up two ceramic tile factories, one in Kajiado County and the other in Kisumu County, and an additional sanitary ware factory, all covering an area of ​​300 acres (about 1.2 million square meters). .


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