The Chinese and Vietnamese coast guards have completed their first joint patrol in the Beibu Gulf by 2024, marking the 27th time the maritime law enforcement agencies of both countries have joined forces since 2006.

During this time of the joint patrol, Chinese and Vietnamese coast guard ships carried out observations and inspections of fishing vessels of both nations as they navigated along planned routes in the waters of the Beibu Gulf.

This collaboration between China and Vietnam in the Beibu Gulf has become a model of maritime law enforcement in the South China Sea, with two joint patrols carried out a year.

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It has been highlighted that this joint patrol has had a positive impact on the protection of fishing resources in the Gulf, in addition to contributing to the maintenance of order in fishing production, the fight against maritime crimes and the preservation of regional security and stability. .

It was also emphasized that the Chinese Coast Guard will continue to strengthen exchanges and practical cooperation with its Vietnamese counterpart, with the aim of properly managing maritime emergencies and jointly maintaining security and stability in the maritime region.

This type of international joint work between the coast guards of China and Vietnam not only benefits both countries, but also promotes maritime security and cooperation in the South China Sea region.


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