The Chinese government’s special representative for Eurasian Affairs, Li Hui, will begin the second round of diplomacy to seek a political solution to the Ukrainian crisis on March 2, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman announced on Wednesday. , Mao Ning.

Li will visit Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Germany and France, as well as the EU headquarters in Belgium. “It has been two years since the crisis fully escalated. The war is still dragging on,” Mao said at a daily press conference when responding to a relevant question, noting that restoring peace is the most urgent task at present.

“The sooner peace negotiations begin, the smaller the losses will be,” the spokeswoman said. In the past two years, China has never given up its efforts to promote peace and negotiations, she noted. China has conducted in-depth communication with Russia, Ukraine and other relevant countries and played a constructive role in tackling the crisis.


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