China’s National Space Weather Center has predicted that there will be moderate to high levels of solar activity this week, with the possibility of stronger solar flares.

Among the sun’s most intense phenomena, solar flares are characterized by sudden bursts of brightness in specific areas of the sun’s atmosphere, often accompanied by an increase in electromagnetic radiation and the release of particles in various energy ranges. Solar flares are classified based on their strength, with class A being the smallest, followed by B, C, M, and X as the strongest.

According to the authority, the sun released a strong solar flare, classified as X4.5, at 2:35 pm (Beijing time) on Monday. Scientists at the center issued a forecast on Tuesday about the possibility of M- and X-class solar flares occurring over the next three days.

Solar flares also follow a predictable cycle. According to Wang Jingsong, head of the center, the average length of a solar cycle is 11.2 years. The first solar cycle began in 1755. Currently, the sun is in its 25th solar cycle.


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