Stretching from Highway 1 to Highway 4, the Chinese-funded third ring road has transformed the quiet southern suburb of Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh into a bustling suburban area.

Opened to the public in August last year, the 53km road, together with two river bridges and two viaducts, has not only facilitated travel and transport of goods, but also made an important contribution to improving the living conditions of local residents along the road.

Nguon Vannara, 45, who owns a cafe along the third ring road, said the development of the road had transformed the area from farmland, rice fields and degraded forests into a bustling area. She said after the road was built, many shops and businesses opened along the route. “I am happy because the road not only makes travel easier but also contributes to national economic development,” she told Xinhua on Tuesday.

“Residents along the road can now open shops, with a better business environment,” she added. Vannara, who was a farmer, said that she has been running a cafe since the road was built, which has greatly improved her family’s living conditions. The mother of four is confident her business will grow as more people live along the road.


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