China has been actively developing space propulsion technology in recent years, and the latest achievement was the successful ground-based ignition tests of a 130-ton liquid oxygen and kerosene engine that will power the country’s reusable carrier rockets.

Developed by an institute under the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, the new reusable engine was ignited twice on Friday at a test site in northwest China’s Shaanxi Province.

To date, a total of 15 repetitive tests across 30 ignitions have been completed, with the cumulative test time exceeding 3,900 seconds. The number of repetitive tests on the engine surpassed the previous record for tests of main rocket engines using liquid fuel in China, according to a press release from the developer issued on Sunday.

Serving as the main propulsion system for China’s reusable rockets, the engine model features comprehensive and excellent capabilities and reliability.

The engine maker also highlighted advancements in smart manufacturing, saying the research and development team has established a core technology system for producing reusable engines. This significantly increases the advancement and stability of engine process technology, ensuring consistent product quality and reliability.


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