China formally began its fifth national economic census on Monday. About 2 million interviewers will go into businesses and communities to collect and record economic data in 1.16 million census tracts over the next nearly four months, according to the National Bureau of Statistics (DNE).

China’s national economic census takes place every five years. The DNE carried out its preliminary work in the second half of last year, and the census is entering the full implementation phase in 2024, with key tasks including on-site registration, spot checks of data quality, and the release of key data.

The fifth national economic census will comprehensively analyze the development status, layout and efficiency of China’s secondary and tertiary industries, according to Kang Yi, head of the NBS.

The census will uncover economic relationships between sectors of the national economy, track the progress of China’s key economic tasks and, for the first time, coordinate efforts to conduct input-output research, Kang said.


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