How long does it take for a reader to receive their desired book after placing an order from a library with over 8 million books? The response from a new library on the outskirts of Beijing is less than 15 minutes.

Located in the eastern district of Tongzhou, the Beijing Library has become a popular destination since it opened in late December. It received more than 80,000 visits during the New Year holiday, which lasted three days.

Book lovers are attracted not only by the library’s architectural design, which resembles a reading space under giant ginkgo trees, but also by its abundant book collection and smart services.

With a total construction area of ​​around 75,000 square meters, the Beijing Library houses more than 8 million books. The tall stacks on the library’s basement floor contribute to the massive book collection capacity, which is part of the largest single automated book storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) entity in China.

In addition to batteries, the intelligent system includes various types of intelligent equipment such as robots, enabling book delivery and auxiliary classification.

“The automated book storage and retrieval system serves as the intelligent brain of the library, enabling a series of highly efficient reading services that reduce manual labor,” said Shi Qi, general manager of Jiatu’s AS/RS business unit Technology, an intelligent reading service provider responsible for the design of Beijing Library’s AS/RS.


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