BtcTurk, which provides self-service services for financial needs, will hold a colorful event in Istanbul on April 21, referring to the 21 million supply of Bitcoin during the Bitcoin halving period. In the BtcTurk Bull Run, which will be held for the first time, professionals and the public will run across the Üsküdar coast in Istanbul.

The race, hosted by BtcTurk, will consist of three different stages. The event will include a 21-kilometer half marathon, a 10-kilometer public run and a special run with a bull costume, which will feature colorful images. Anyone with a BtcTurk membership will be able to register and participate in these three races for free. Those who want to participate in the race can easily register at

Prizes worth 2.1 Bitcoin will be distributed

A prize of 2.1 Bitcoin (approximately 4.7 million TL) will be distributed to the winners of the BtcTurk Bull Run, which will be held in memory of Bitcoin’s 21 million supply and due to the Bitcoin halving period. At the end of the race, special awards in different categories will find their owners. Finishing the Race Hand in Hand – HODL In addition to the prize, the participant who finished 21st Bitcoin Special Awardto the participant who finished in 210th place Satoshi Special Awardto the 2100th finishing participant Hal Finney Special Award will be given. To the oldest participant in the race ATH Special Awardfor the youngest participant Genesis Block Reward will be given. Men and women will compete in the 100-meter bull costume race, which will be the scene of enjoyable moments. Bull Costumed Special Running Award ve Best Costume Award will be presented. A total of 238 prizes will be distributed. In addition, the stands and refreshments of brands that carry out Bitcoin-focused work around the world will also be available at the fairground to be held on the Üsküdar beach.

What is halving?

Bitcoin halving occurs regularly approximately every four years. Therefore, when describing important events in Bitcoin history, the events are divided into four-year sections based on the halving dates. In the past four years, the domain of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has expanded considerably, reaching the most valuable level in its history at $ 73 thousand 780. The blockchain ecosystem, led by Bitcoin, manifests itself in different areas of life beyond being just a technological infrastructure. After the Bitcoin halving in April 2024, blocks will continue to be counted for the next Bitcoin halving, which is expected to occur in 2028.

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