Is there anything Brian Poe Llamanzares hasn’t done? He has his own watch company, is CFO of a craft beer distribution firm, invests in a local digital marketing agency and once worked as a journalist. But it is in his role as chief of staff to senator Grace Poe, which he took up in 2019, and as chairman of disaster relief NGO Panday Bayanihan, where he hopes to have the biggest impact on his nation.

Brian Poe Llamanzares: A Multifaceted Public Servant and Entrepreneur

Brian Poe Llamanzares is a prominent figure in Philippine public service and business, known for his diverse accomplishments and dedication to social impact. Here’s an overview of his multifaceted career:

Public Service:

  • Chief of Staff to Senator Grace Poe: Since 2019, he has served as Senator Grace Poe’s trusted advisor and strategist, playing a key role in shaping her legislative agenda and public image.
  • Former Chairman of Panday Bayanihan: This disaster relief NGO allows him to directly contribute to alleviating the plight of Filipinos affected by natural disasters and crises.
  • Advocacy for Public Service: He emphasizes the importance of volunteerism and actively encourages young people to participate in nation-building activities.


  • Founding Partner of Oracle Media Group: This media agency demonstrates his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to innovative communication strategies.
  • Lead Investor in the A3 Group of Companies: His investment focuses on content development, digital marketing, and event production, highlighting his understanding of the evolving media landscape.
  • Advocate for Philippine Business: He actively participates in discussions and initiatives that promote economic growth and entrepreneurship in the Philippines.

Education and Recognition:

  • PhD in Public Administration: His academic background underscores his commitment to understanding the complexities of governance and public service.
  • Award-Winning Journalist: His prior experience in journalism adds valuable communication skills and insights to his current endeavors.
  • Power Millennial Award for Entrepreneurship: This recognition acknowledges his success and potential as a young business leader.

Looking Ahead:

Brian Poe Llamanzares’ diverse expertise and dedication position him as a prominent figure in shaping the Philippines’ future. He continues to bridge the gap between public service and entrepreneurship, advocating for positive change and inspiring others to contribute to the nation’s development.

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