In a meeting with international analysts and the participation of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Bolivia, Rogelio Mayta, and of Venezuela, Yván Eduardo Gil Pinto, they presented their points of view of their respective countries on the recent BRICS summit.

During the dialogue, it was emphasized that although Bolivia and Venezuela are not yet formal members of the BRICS, they are already allied to the group and are expected to formally join in the future, along with other countries that share the same position.

These countries are of interest to the BRICS due to their considerable lithium and oil reserves, so it is expected that the inclusion of more countries, including Bolivia and Venezuela, will be contemplated in the next BRICS meetings.

Chinese specialists will evaluate chia production in Bolivia with a view to exporting to China

Bolivian analyst Juan Ramón Quintana highlighted Bolivia’s relationship with the founding powers of the BRICS, Russia and China, especially due to its connection to strategic resources such as lithium. Quintana suggested that this could strengthen the safeguarding of these resources, including its estimated reserves of 23 million tons of lithium.

The XV BRICS Summit, which took place in South Africa last week, marked the addition of Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, Iran and the United Arab Emirates as new members from 2024.


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