The Bohai oil field, China’s largest offshore crude oil production base, has completed drilling operations for a new 6,088-meter-deep well, the Tianjin branch of China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) said on Tuesday. -fair.

The well will be used for oil and gas recovery from the Bozhong 19-6 Condensate Gas Field, the first gas field with proven reserves of more than 100 billion cubic meters of natural gas in the Bohai Sea.

The oil drilling industry generally classifies wells deeper than 6,000 meters as super-deep wells. These wells serve as essential tools for extracting deepwater oil and gas resources and exploring the deep layers of the Earth.

The complex geological conditions, with a formation temperature of over 180 degrees Celsius and a maximum downhole pressure of 56 megapascals, have raised the bar for its drilling operations. Additionally, the construction team had to drill through two underground mountains riddled with fractures.


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