Bitcoin While it reached a new ATH in March, breaking its previous ATH of $69,000, it subsequently fell sharply.

While the selling pressure of long-term investors was effective in these declines, BTCRecent data indicating that the selling pressure in , has decreased, has increased bullish expectations.

At this point, while investors expect a new ATH from BTC in the short term, they are quite successful in their predictions. 10X Research founder Markus Thielen explained the events that will take Bitcoin to the new ATH.

Thielen pointed out that June inflation data is important for Bitcoin. He claimed that BTC would reach a new ATH if CPI data was 3.3 percent or lower.

Stating that spot ETF inflows, apart from US inflation data, remain strong will have a positive impact on the price increase, Thielen said that he believes that spot Bitcoin ETF inflows will “remain strong” in these two weeks before the June CPI results are announced.

According to Thielen, if the CPI data is higher than expected, the upward momentum in Bitcoin may weaken.

“Bitcoin price movements may seem random to most people, but there are no random movements in BTC price.
Because everything depends on critical drivers and the main driver for BTC is inflation.

At this point, traders who know how Bitcoin reacts to CPI data should have confidence in trading in the opposite direction of the CPI change from the previous month.

“If inflation reaches 3.3 percent or lower in June, Bitcoin could reach an all-time high.”

*This is not investment advice.

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