Matrixport, another company providing crypto services by Jihan Wu, one of the founders of Bitmain, attracted another reaction with a report it published. As you may remember, the company published a report stating that the price would rise to 50 thousand dollars with the acceptance of Bitcoin ETFs, but a few days later it announced another report that ETFs would be completely rejected.

“It could be 63 thousand dollars in March”

Matrixport, which attracted reaction from the crypto world after the last report, stated that this time there is a possibility that Bitcoin will rise to 63 thousand dollars in March. The fact that this possibility is not too remote or difficult to predict increased the reactions to the company.

In the report, the issues that have been mentioned by almost all analysts and investors for about a year were evaluated as if they were new and never discussed.

It was stated that the acceptance of ETFs would increase the Bitcoin price, the possibility of the Fed to cut interest rates after March, the Bitcoin reward halving and the presidential elections in the USA could bring an increase both to the level of 63 thousand dollars in March and later.

Matrixport was right many times, especially in its predictions for 2023, and company reports began to come to the fore in this sense. However, especially the reports a few days apart that Bitcoin would rise to 50 thousand dollars with the acceptance of the ETF and then that the ETFs would not be approved had reduced confidence in the company.

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