There is now very little time left for the halving update, which will reduce miners’ rewards in Bitcoin from 6.25 BTC to 3,125 BTC per block. It seems that worldwide Google searches have increased shortly before the halving.

While searches related to halving broke the all-time record on Google, the score reached 100. While the most searches were made in the Netherlands, Switzerland ranked second, Slovenia ranked 3rd, Austria ranked 4th and Southern Cyprus ranked 5th.

Türkiye ranks 51st…

The USA, the world’s largest economy, ranked 38th, Argentina, which has high inflation, ranked 31st, Greece, 42nd, and Turkey, 51st. Bitcoin country El Salvador entered the list as 19th.

Tunceli is first…

The city of Tunceli, known for its high level of literacy in Turkey, was the city most searched for the halving. Kastamonu took the 2nd place and Adıyaman took the 3rd place. Istanbul was ranked 8th and Ankara was ranked 10th.

The most frequently asked questions in global searches in English were “When is the 2024 Bitcoin halving, Bitcoin halving 2023, halving countdown”. Similar questions were asked in Turkey as well.

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