world leading cryptocurrency from stock exchanges Binance, Fusionist (ACE) announced plans to facilitate the upcoming network upgrade and hard fork of its network, underlining its commitment to ensuring a smooth transition for users.

Binance Fusionist (ACE) Announces Network Upgrade and Hard Fork Support

Starting approximately 04-03-2024 04:00, Binance will temporarily suspend token deposits and withdrawals from the Fusionist (ACE) network to support the upgrade and Hard Fork of the network.

This strategic move aims to optimize user experience and maintain operational efficiency during the transition period.

The network upgrade and Hard Fork is scheduled to occur around 05:00 on 04-03-2024 at block height 11,985,502. Binance will take all necessary technical measures to facilitate the upgrade process and ensure minimal disruption to its user base.

More importantly, token trading on the Fusionist (ACE) network will not be affected on the Binance platform during the upgrade and Hard Fork period, allowing users to continue trading activities without interruption.

Binance underlines its commitment to providing a safe and reliable trading environment by assuring its users that it will meticulously comply with all technical requirements regarding the network upgrade.

Once the upgraded network is deemed stable and fully operational, deposits and withdrawals for tokens on the Fusionist (ACE) network will be reopened immediately.

*This is not investment advice.

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