Bitcoin spot ETFs closed Thursday with a net gain of $250 million in total. While the highest investment came to Fidelity with $158 million, this figure was $125 million for BlackRock.

Outflows at Grayscale are decreasing

Grayscale, where sales have started to decrease visibly recently, had an outflow of 55 million dollars yesterday. This was the second-lowest debut, following sales of $51 million on February 9. Grayscale has sold $7.4 billion so far, but the company still holds $23 billion worth of Bitcoin.

While the total net money coming into the funds since January 11, when the ETFs were approved, was 5.39 billion dollars, the companies hold $38 billion worth of Bitcoin. This number corresponds to 3.4% of the total Bitcoin supply.

The company that has received the most investment so far is BlackRock with 5.7 billion dollars, and Fidelity comes in second with 4.05 billion dollars.

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