Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, announced its new Launchpool project.

According to the statement made by the stock exchange, the 51st Launchpool will be organized for the Saga (SAGA) project.

Users will be able to earn SAGA tokens by staking their BNB and FDUSD for four days. This process, called “Farming”, will start on April 5 at 03:00 CET.

SAGA will be listed on Binance on April 9 at 17:00 CET following the completion of the Launchpool. Token; It can be bought and sold with SAGA/BTC, SAGA/USDT, SAGA/FDUSD and SAGA/TRY trading pairs.

4.5 percent of SAGA’s maximum supply of 1 billion units is allocated to Launchpool. This corresponds to 45 million SAGA. In the first stage, there will be 90 million SAGAs in circulation.

Saga is a Layer 1 protocol designed for developers that simplifies the process of creating application-specific blockchains. Samsung NEXT, Placeholder, GSR and Polygon Studios are among the investors of Saga, which has received an investment of 13.5 million dollars in the rounds it has launched so far.

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