PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) continues to strengthen its commitment to supporting the halal economy in Indonesia by holding the BCA MSME Halal Certification Workshop in 2024. This year, the Halal Certification Workshop was launched at the Office of the Region IV, Makassar, South Sulawesi, on Monday, May 13 and was attended by 101 MSMEs from Makassar. This activity aims to support the improvement of the quality of MSME products so that they can improve and develop their business scale.

Harijanto, Head of the BCA Makassar Region IV Office, stated: “We recognize the important role of MSMEs in national economic growth. Through the Halal Certification Workshop 2024 programme, BCA is committed to supporting the development of MSME businesses by facilitating their access and understanding of halal certification in the self-declaration category. We hope that MSMEs will take this opportunity to improve the quality of their products and the scale of their businesses.”

At BCA MSME Halal Certification Workshop, BCA supports MSME stakeholders by providing them with halal certification fees. Participants in the BCA MSME Halal Certification Workshop 2024 also have the opportunity to get various attractive offers such as online account opening, online BCA credit card opening, activation of payment methods through QRIS, and business financing facilities (KUR) and other consumer products.

The training of SMEs has always been the main objective of BCA.

Exploring the Halal Industry in Gia Lai

According to a survey by the Indonesian Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, companies’ turnover increased by an average of 8.5% after obtaining a halal certificate. This is because halal certified products are in high demand among Indonesians. In line with this, BCA has committed to continue the halal certification program for MSMEs.

This year’s BCA halal certification program focuses on procurement, which continues with the issuance of halal certificates to 2,000 MSMEs throughout Indonesia this year.For information, in 2023, BCA will also provide training on halal certification and collaborate on issuing 1,000 halal certificates to MSMEs, most of whom are women, spread across 10 cities/regions in nine provinces across Indonesia. This effort placed BCA in second place nationally as the institution with the most halal certificate quotas in 2023.

«We hope that this facilitation of halal certification can have a positive impact on the quality of MSME products. As we know, Indonesia is the second most Muslim-populated country in the world,” said BCA Executive Vice President of Corporate Communications and Social Responsibility, Hera F Haryn.

Through the Halal 2024 Certification Workshop program, BCA is committed to supporting the development of MSME companies

“Therefore, halal certification is an inevitable requirement for products in Indonesia. Through this support, it is hoped that more MSMEs will be encouraged to improve the quality of their products through halal certification,” concluded Freddy Iman, EVP of Commercial Business and SMEs at BCA.

BCA’s support for MSMEs is also carried out in the financing sector, as reflected by BCA’s loans to MSMEs, which grew by 13.5% year-on-year, reaching Rp 110.4 trillion in March 2024 .

BCA offers promotional interest rates to commercial borrowers and MSMEs engaged in environmentally friendly business activities to further encourage lending to this sector.


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