In the month of March, ASEAN celebrates and commemorates the establishment of its relations with Australia and Korea with two major events across the region.

This year marks the 35th anniversary of the establishment of relations between ASEAN and South Korea. The anniversary is celebrated at the 2024 Round, a festival that seeks to promote dialogue between the societies of the ASEAN member countries and Korea through music. On this occasion the Lao People’s Republic will be the host due to its capacity as president of the Association.

On the other hand, a special ASEAN summit will be held in Australia to celebrate 50 years of relations. The scenario is as unusual as the anniversary, since it will be the second time that Australia assumes the role of host of ASEAN members. This summit will celebrate the fruits of these 50 years of cooperation in the region’s security, economic growth and climate change.

Australia was the first country to become an ASEAN Dialogue Partner. In 1974 it acquired this status in order to cooperate with Member States in different areas. Some of them are the prosperity, peace and stability of this subregion. ASEAN maintains extensive security cooperation with Australia and is the oceanic country’s second largest trading partner.

Special ASEAN summit to be held in Australia to celebrate 50 years of relations

The truth is that peace in the subregion does not happen overnight, and ASEAN knows this. This is why it dedicates great efforts to maintaining beneficial relations with its allies, but not only in interstate matters. The organization is committed to culture and its importance to promote and maintain strong regional integration.


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