While hacking incidents continue to occur in the cryptocurrency industry, the latest hacking incident came from the DeFi protocol Hedgey protocol.

Leading cybersecurity watchdog Cyvers Alerts said in its post that Hedgey suffered a cyberattack that caused a significant loss of $44.7 million in Arbitrum and Ethereum.

Cyvers Alerts stated that the attack targeted the Hedgey Protocol on both Arbitrum and Ethereum chains, and wrote that the attackers quickly converted the stolen funds into DAI.

Acknowledging the attack, Hedgey Protocol advised users in a statement to cancel all active demands through the provided mechanism in order to minimize potential losses and protect their assets.

*This is not investment advice.

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Source: https://www.bitcoinsistemi.com/bir-defi-platftormu-daha-hacklendi-arbitrum-ve-ethereumda-447-milyon-dolar-kayip-yasandi/

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