Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), a company known for its investments in the USA from crypto to artificial intelligence, from gaming to early and late-stage startups, raised $ 7.2 billion in funding. The company also made an official statement on the subject.

While Bloomberg detailed the news, it did not go unnoticed that the investment came at a time when the USA was implementing a monetary tightening policy and the investment sector was in moribund fashion.

Ben Horowitz, one of the founders of the company, commented that “this is a big milestone” for the investment, and stated that the figure exceeded the company’s expectations by 4%.

The blog post also stated that the incoming money will be divided into various sectors and allocated for investments. Among these categories; There is the American Dynamism fund ($600 million), which invests in companies that serve the national interests of the USA, growth or early stage startups ($3.75 billion) and the gaming industry ($600 million).

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The reason why artificial intelligence was not shown in the categories was attributed to the fact that many new era startups were already operating in this field. Therefore, artificial intelligence was not seen as a separate category.

“Cryptocurrencies will also come”

A source who spoke to Bloomberg and requested to remain anonymous said that two of the most important areas in the company’s 2025 investment strategy will be crypto and bio-technology.

a16z company has large investments in many crypto projects, from metaverse to games. The company created a significant number of funds for crypto investments during the major price drops in 2022 and managed to receive investments for these funds.

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