In response to joint military exercises between the United States, South Korea and Japan, the North Korean government criticized the alliance, saying it had become the “Asian version of NATO,” in a statement from the North Korean Foreign Ministry, reported by the North Korean news agency KCNA Watch.

According to KCNA, Pyongyang did not classify this US-led action as irrelevant in the document and promised to respond aggressively and in line with the provocations, with the aim of guaranteeing the country’s security and peace. For the executive, the “Freedom Edge” (name given to military exercises) are the perfect example of Washington’s constant attempt to bring South Korea and Japan into NATO and the hostile policies adopted by the US and Seoul.

The South Korean Ministry of Defense explained in a statement that the military exercises were carried out in response to North Korea’s nuclear and missile program. Also opposing the defense pact signed by Kim Jong Un and Putin, the Seoul government put on the table the possibility of sending weapons and military support to Ukraine.

South Korea, Japan and US condemn pact between Pyongyang and Moscow

According to the Reuters news agency, South Korea and the United States also accused Pyongyang of supplying weapons to Russia in order to prolong the offensive. However, the accusations were denied by both governments.

The “Freedom Edge” began last Thursday and included US Navy destroyers, fighters and the nuclear-powered US aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt. According to the plan drawn up at the Camp David tripartite Summit last year, the objective of the joint action will be to strengthen military cooperation between the countries, taking into account the prolonged tensions on the Korean peninsula. Last year, the three countries carried out anti-missile and anti-submarine defense exercises with the same aim.



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