One cryptocurrency whale transferred 182.4 billion to Binance just an hour ago PEPE ($1.24 million), 351,520 CAKE ($1.31 million), 1.88 million MANA ($1.11 million) and 1.83 million SAND He reportedly deposited ($1.09 million). This impressive whale managed to profit from 8 different tokens, earning a total net profit of $5.4 million.

Ethereum wallet address of the first whale: 0x37dfFd32Ea5b23813A263F725759632C120e0AC7

Meanwhile, another whale Ethereum It causes serious shocks in the market. This trader bought 10,309 ETH ($35.82 million) just two hours ago, right at the bottom of the market decline. This isn’t the first time the whale has made a big leap. On April 8, before BTC’s rise, the same trader purchased another 10,643 ETH ($36.75 million).

Second whale’s Ethereum wallet address: 0x43594da5d6A03b2137a04DF5685805C676dEf7cB

In other related news, another whale transferred 800% to Binance just five minutes after March CPI inflation was announced. BTC It was reported that he deposited a significant amount of money ($54.6 million). This follows a similar deposit of 800 BTC ($57.16 million) from the same whale to Binance yesterday, which was followed by a ~4% drop in BTC price. This whale currently holds 13,665 BTC ($928.6 million).

Third whale’s BTC wallet address: 3G98jSULfhrES1J9HKfZdDjXx1sTNvHkhN

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