Bitcoin closed March at $71,280, marking the first time in its history that it had a 7-month upward streak. It also achieved the highest monthly closing in its history. While the number one cryptocurrency had a good month behind, investors focused on what could happen in April.

Halving will dominate

Halving is expected to dominate the agenda of April. Current data shows that the fourth block reward halving, which occurs every four years in Bitcoin, will take place on April 20.

CZ’s sentence will be clear

Postponed sentencing hearing of Binance founder Changpeng Zhao, 30 NisanIt will be seen in . It is stated that Zhao, who is accused of violating anti-money laundering laws in the USA, may be sentenced to up to 18 months in prison.

Halving is not just in Bitcoin

Halving in April will not only happen in Bitcoin. There is also a halving in Bitcoin Cash, which was created by the fork of Bitcoin. 3 NisanIn the Bitcoin Cash halving that will take place in , block rewards will decrease from 6.25 BCH to 3.125 BCH.

US inflation will be announced

Another important development of this month is 10 NisanUS inflation data will be announced in . In his last statement, Fed Chairman Powell emphasized that the data had been bad in the last two months. Inflation data will be critical for the Fed’s interest rate policy.

Tesla and MicroStrategy balance sheets are expected

17 NisanAnother development that may be critical for Bitcoin is Tesla’s balance sheet data. It will be closely monitored whether there is any change in the electric vehicle giant’s Bitcoin assets.

30 NisanAll eyes will be on MicroStrategy, the publicly traded company with the most Bitcoin on its balance sheet. The company, which is worried about selling Bitcoin one day, has recently made it a habit to announce that it has purchased Bitcoin along with its balance sheet data. Another new Bitcoin purchase may be announced.

Doge’s day will be celebrated

Every year 20 Nisan Day is celebrated as Doge day by the Dogecoin community. Last year’s Doge’s day was not a bright one. This year, as April 20 approached, the rise in Dogecoin was remarkable.

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