English Football Club Watford FCis offering investors and fans a 10% stake in the club through Seedrs, the European arm of investment platform Republic.

150 years of English football team Watford stated that 10 percent of its shares were offered for sale digitally.

Stating that the sales will be made by the investment platform Republic, the team stated that at the end of the digital share sales, investors will be given various special rights and benefits. tokens He stated that it would be given.

Watford aims to raise around 17.5 million pounds ($22.3 million) at the end of the share sale and has set the price per share at around 12 pounds.

Watford are aiming to attract a wider range of investors with digital shares offered through Republic, allowing their fans to own a piece of the football club.

Investors from abroad will also be able to participate in digital share sales via the Republic platform.

Watford stated that the tokens issued cannot be sold at first, but will become available for purchase and sale in the future.

Scott Duxbury, chairman and CEO of Watford FC made the following statement:

“We are always looking for ways we can help Watford FC grow to deliver our plans and we are proud to be the first major English football club to offer real ownership shares to a wide range of investors, including fans, through digital equity.

“Fan tokens purchased by investors will become tradable in the future and offer true ownership to fans.”

*This is not investment advice.

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Source: https://www.bitcoinsistemi.com/150-yillik-ingiliz-futbol-takimindan-22-milyon-dolarlik-kripto-hamlesi/

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