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Live Better Photographer And Philippine Generation T Honouree Sara Black On Her Yoga Journey

Photographer And Philippine Generation T Honouree Sara Black On Her Yoga Journey

Photographer And Philippine Generation T Honouree Sara Black On Her Yoga Journey
By Sara Black
June 08, 2018
When a debilitating sports injury seemingly changed her life forever (read: she had to relearn how to walk), Sara Black recounts her remarkable [yoga] road to recovery to remind us all that where there’s a will, there’s a very determined human way. Interestingly, here’s what she learnt along the way. As told to Shauna Popple Williams:

I’ll back track a little bit so you can get a firmer grasp of where I’ve come from. In July 2016, while training for a triathlon, I flew off my bike and fractured my hip. It was a multiple hip fracture, and I had to learn how to walk again.

Coming from such an active lifestyle of marathon and triathlon training, the only physical activity I could do was yoga. How amazing that it has not only helped heal me, but helped me blossom to my fullest incarnation of a human being yet.

As I was steadily increasing in mobility after the hip fracture, I could then already see and feel how the practice of yoga was creating a very real calm and serenity in me. As I was growing in my practice, there was no other logical place to go but to learn more.

So, off I went to Rishikesh, India, the birthplace of yoga to dive into this practice that was giving me so much peace.

I enrolled in the 200-hour Teacher Training course at Sattva Yoga Academy under the guidance of Anand Mehrotra. I thought I was going to India to learn yoga poses. Little did I know then that I would come away with is a profound sense of joy.

Words cannot adequately convey the breadth and depth of my transformational experience because it is not a concept, it is a feeling. You feel joy, you are joy. You feel peace, you are peace. You feel love, you are love.

What I can share are three things that I learnt about myself along this journey.

I have a personal power beyond anything I have ever imagined. So often in the past, plagued by self-doubt, I have told myself I can’t do this and I can’t do that. Often times, self-imposed limitations keep us in a box and prevent our growth. Face your fear. There is no day but today to act. Go, go now.

I am you, you are me. We are one. We’ve grown up in a world dominated by Ego. On a superficial level, it feels good to consider ourselves as distinct individuals with personal achievements and successes. But then everyone is just looking out for their own best interests. What if we could live in a world where we deeply felt the interconnectedness; the synergy of all things—our families, our neighbours, the trees outside, the water running through our faucets. How would that impact our behaviour? Would that make us kinder and more compassionate?

I am love. All the positive energy that exists in the universe is love. It’s flowing through me, it’s flowing through you. Connect with it any time. Connect with it mindfully.

It has been absolutely amazing to come back home and integrate the practices I learnt in India. The daily practice of silence and stillness, tapping into and cultivating energy, ultimately, creating space. Space within so that I can respond to situations instead of react to them, so that I can move with more and more compassion.

I now teach a meditation class at Beyond Serendra, BGC, every Saturday from 8:00 - 8.45am. Meditation is an excellent entry point for all people who are seeking some peace. I will also be conducting yoga retreats later on in the year for people who would like a more immersive experience.

We are here to share and to serve, and so I will.


Live Better


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