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The Gen.T List Victoria Wisniewski Otero
Victoria Wisniewski Otero
Philanthropy & Charity

Victoria Wisniewski Otero

Founder and CEO, Resolve Foundation
Location: Hong Kong

Victoria Wisniewski Otero wants equality. She wants Hong Kong to be a place where everyone has a voice and a say in its future. And so she established the Resolve Foundation, a platform to empower future community leaders, in particular those from marginalised and underrepresented groups, by providing them with social justice fellowships.

The inaugural fellowship programme, launched in 2017, has seen 15 individuals undertake workshops and mentoring sessions in an effort to inspire a new generation of social justice leaders. A dedicated advocate for human rights with years of experience in the nonprofit sector, including at the Justice Centre and the Center for Economic and Social Rights, Victoria’s commitment to Hong Kong’s future is exemplary.

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I’m not aiming to be a voice for the voiceless. People have a voice of their own—you just need to pass them the mic
Statistically speaking, Hong Kong is the most unequal place in the developed world, so it is an objective fact that lots of groups that are being marginalised. Certain communities are doubly affected by this: ethnic minority woman, for example. I think as a society we all need to sit up and notice how these domestic workers are being treated and ask ourselves how we feel about this

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