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The Gen.T List Victor Consunji
Victor Consunji
Real Estate & Hospitality

Victor Consunji

CEO, Victor Consunji Development Corporation
Location: Philippines

Growing up as a young engineering student, the CEO of Victor Consunji Development Corporation had fervent ideas of his own. Different as they may have been from his grandfather’s (David Consunji, who founded the mega construction company, DMCI), Victor’s hard work created a demand that didn’t previously exist. Today, while he sits as DMCI’s director, the construction and development company is blazing down a bright path. As such, he is able to continue his grandfather’s legacy while building his own. Moving forward and upward, says Victor, “the original DMCI creed sums up how we, in the construction industry, want to be treated, and how we want to treat others.” To that effect, Victor highlights what his company strongly advocates: “We believe that construction is a noble profession and that its activities are vital to economic development and national progress…that the ultimate objectives are to serve not only man but mankind and to build not only an enterprise but an institution.” When he’s not busy building things, Victor is a fitness buff and seasoned athlete. He is, in fact, the first Filipino to run the North Pole marathon.

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My success now feels personal, so I am happy to work with my family. As a director of the family company, I feel like I can credibly bring my experiences and points of view in a way that I couldn’t have if I’d never launched my own business

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