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The Gen.T List Vanessa Kalani Ong
Vanessa Kalani Ong
Food & Beverage

Vanessa Kalani Ong

Business Development Associate Director, Njonja Meneer; Co-founder, Jamu Jamu Co and Djamoe Workshop
Location: Indonesia

Vanessa Ong wondered, with the world’s obsession for healthy fruit juices, why not make healthy herb elixirs? The fourth generation of the Njonja Meneer family, she is now the company’s Business Development Associate Director. To create fresh concepts for the youth, she rebranded the drink, Jamu, and opened Meneer Café. She then co-founded Jamu Jamu Co to promote the elixirs – traditionally consisting of turmeric, ginger, and rice – with modern packaging and updated flavors. She hopes to change the mindset of Jamu as ‘outdated’, ‘bitter’, and even ‘unhygienic’ through their products and workshop programs. Djamoe workshop, launched in 2014, educates young people about the importance and health benefits of traditional herbal remedies. Students are provided recipes and taught to brew their own Jamu. They have held more than 30 workshops across Java and in Singapore. Earlier this year, they expanded to selling and delivering packaged Jamu. Their sales channels include attending Instagram and online marketplaces, along with bazaars, and recent collaboration with The Healthy Affairs outlet in Plaza Indonesia. Additionally, the taekwondon black belt has starred as the protagonist in the play The Rose of Cikembang and collaborated with Nindityo Adipurnomo for an art exhibition in 2017.

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