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Tina Toon

Tina Toon

Legislative Candidate, DKI Jakarta DPRD, Actress and Singer

Current Legislative Candidate for DKI Jakarta DPRD through the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP), Agustina Hermanto, who is about to take part in the 2019 elections, is more familiarly recognized as Tina Toonita (formerly Tina Toon). The Master of Law graduate from Tarumanegara University (2017) wants to contribute to the community beyond entertainment, specifically, by represent the voice of young people. The former pop singer and actress rose to fame as a child following the release of her debut album Bolo-bolo in 1999 with the hit single of the same name “Bolo-Bolo”, complete with signature dance moves. Additionally, she has written a memoir “Amazing Metamorphosis of Tina Toon” (2014), which also delves into her bout with bulimia as a result of intense media scrutiny and harassment. To date, Tina has released five studio albums, two movies and starred in TV show Dubi Dubi Dam (2018).

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