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The Gen.T List Terence Kwok
Terence Kwok

Terence Kwok

Founder and CEO, Tink Labs
Location: Hong Kong

Terence Kwok was keenly interested in getting tourtists connected to the local environment, creating Tink Labs. Valued at over a USD$1 billion at one time, one of Hong Kong's best-funded startups, Tink Labs was one of the world’s first hospitality technology companies, offering guests free use of a 'Handy' mobile phone during their stay in a hotel, meaning they could avoid exorbitant roaming fees. By 2017, Handy devices were in over 600,000 hotel rooms across 80 countries thanks to partnerships with top international hotels such as Park Hyatt and Ritz Carlton.

In August 2019, Tink Labs shut down operations.  


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