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Tak Lo
For championing startup founders working in frontier technologies

Tak Lo

Founder, Zeroth.AI
Location: Hong Kong

As founder of Zeroth.AI,Tak runs a team of ex-founders of successful startups who are primed to pass on their expertise to the next generation of entrepreneurs, particularly those working in artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain and robotics. The company has already worked with 60 fledgling companies from 18 countries to become one of the most active AI investors in the world.

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Everyone has a weakness. It’s impossible not to have weaknesses. So I want to know, what is one thing you’ve failed at? And what did you learn from it?
I want to know if they have suffered. Can they survive? Can they be cockroaches?
It's fascinating to be in a part of the world that has always lagged behind technologically, but which is now growing faster than anywhere else. It’s really energising
There are tremendous positives to AI that can really allow you to live a life that is better curated to what you like and who you are. It gives freedom to people—and with every fibre of our bodies, we want to create a future that makes this happen

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