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The Gen.T List Sun Zijie
Sun Zijie
The Arts

Sun Zijie

Co-founder, F•Space
Location: China

F•Space was co-founded in September 2016 by Sun Zijie. Its core belief lies in paying attention to the artistic creation of contemporary youth and promoting the social intervention of art. It regularly plans and organises public art workshops, contextual practice and related exhibitions and salon activities in Sanlitun in Beijing, so as to integrate the core elements of art, humanity and recreation and shorten the distance from art to life in interesting and effective ways. After the opening in 2016, F•Space conducted a series of trials and discussions centred on connecting art with fashion and human life. In 2017, F•Space debuted at Art Expo Beijing, hosted an official reception of Art Beijing, and held new solo exhibitions for outstanding young artists Chen Xin and Qin Lingsen. F•Space is widely recognised for its achievements.

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