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The List Ruben Pang
Ruben Pang

Ruben Pang


Singapore’s most sought out young artist, Ruben Pang, at age 27 has already held four art residences across the globe (Israel, Switzerland, Italy and Australia) and sold-out solo exhibitions. Renowned for his ethereal paintings on aluminium, Ruben at the age of 19 received the Winston Oh Travelogue Award, the Georgette Chen Arts Scholarship, was shortlisted for the Sovereign Asian Art Prize in 2010 and 2011, and contributed three works to The Singapore Show: Future Proof, held at the Singapore Art Museum in 2012, that highlighted works by up-and-coming local artists. His work is "an attempt to bring saturated light, digital visual effects, dream sequences and glitches into oil paint," never seems to be in short success of buyers. Already his pieces fetch prices most mid-career artists can only hope to achieve. At his exhibit at the Chan + Hori Contemporary gallery in 2017, almost all the 17 works were sold within one weekend, followed by new names added to the waiting list. Be prepared to add yours to a waiting list as well to one of Ruben’s pieces.

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