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Ron Baetiong
Media, Marketing & Advertising
For enabling Filipinos to share their voice

Ron Baetiong

Location: Philippines

By applying the startup accelerator model to emerging podcast stars, Ron Baetiong is building the Filipino podcast industry from the ground up. His company, Podcast Network Asia, selects and invests in the most promising shows, and gives the creators equipment, advice and training. It also allows them to monetise their shows through its Podmetrics marketplace, where they can collaborate with brands. Before this, Ron also created the Philippines’ first chatbot development agency, ChatbotPH.

Gen.t list honours

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What makes a podcast powerful is its ability to narrow down and go deep into a certain topic
By listening to podcasts and hearing stories from the communities that we’ve now given voices to, I now realise that I know so little
Podcasts are typically niche, and they meaningfully represent a community and what they stand for - whether it’s sex or love, parenting, or adulthood.

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