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The Gen.T List Ria Prieto
Ria Prieto
Media, Marketing & Advertising

Ria Prieto

Location: Philippines

Ria Prieto is a multi-talented stylist who range extends from fashion to décor projects. Known for her statement shoe and cult beauty product fetishes, the Inquirer Red magazine EIC has already left a huge imprint across the publishing, fashion and beauty worlds. She was at Summit publications for five years as a beauty and fashion editor for Candy, and has styled covers for Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, and T3. Additionally, she is also the founder of, and a contributing editor of the Philippine Daily Inquirer Lifestyle section, PREEN. Ria says, “I’m happy that people seem to trust the things I recommend. I think that this is because they recognise my honesty, and as a journalist that’s such a big thing, which I appreciate and take care of.” Having been approached by friends for her sometimes self-made home décor, she is planning on branching into the industry as well. “My elements are a mix of everything. I don’t like matching a lot of styles,” she says.

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