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Qin Yunquan

Qin Yunquan

CEO of Kapap Academy

Qin Yunquan is the epitome of strength. On a personal level, the 28-year-old has achieved several firsts, including being the first woman in Asia to be certified as both a counter-terror shooting instructor by the Israeli Tactical School in the US, and earning a blue belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. As CEO and chief instructor of Kapap Academy, Yunquan has taught thousands — from abused women to the deaf and the elderly — practical self-defence moves. In 2018, the former national wrestler will launch a psychology‑driven self-defence system called Modern Street Combatives. For her efforts in empowering others and educating them about their own personal safety, she was conferred the Queen's Young Leaders Award by Queen Elizabeth II in 2017. Her vision for the future: "That our work becomes a social movement within the region, where self-defence is seen as a necessary life skill."

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