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Qin Yuefei
Philanthropy & Charity

Qin Yuefei

Cosponsor, Serve for China
Location: China

After graduating from Yale University, Qin Yuefei chose to work in China’s rural areas. In 2011, he went to Hejia Township, Hengshan County as a village official. Here, he improved the irrigation system, hardened the roads, installed street lamps, built modern nursing homes, and provided tablet computers to rural teachers and students to realise information-based teaching. These efforts saw him named “Most Beautiful Village Official” by CCTV in 2013. When Yuefei’s term expired in 2014, he gave up the opportunities of promotion and continued to serve as a village official in Baiyun Village, aspiring to develop the village. To attract more talented people to serve in rural places, Yuefei and his Chinese classmates from Yale launched Serve for China to recruit outstanding graduates to national-level poverty-stricken counties for targeted poverty alleviation and entrepreneurial innovation. In China’s Two Sessions 2018 Yuefei proposed a motion on precise poverty alleviation and rural revitalisation. He was elected deputy to the 13rd National People’s Congress.

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