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The Gen.T List Peggy Choi
Peggy Choi

Peggy Choi

Founder and CEO, Lynk
Location: Hong Kong

One definition of genius is the ability to connect the unconnected. Peggy Choi is connecting some of the world’s greatest minds via Lynk, her data-driven knowledge- sharing platform. For those in need of advice on best practice, market entry, strategy formation, new technologies or any other business-related knowledge, Lynk is the place to go. The platform connects users, via one-on-one conversations or meetings, to seasoned C-suite executives, scientists, engineers, independent consultants and specialist advisors—more than 780,000 of them, spanning more than 80 countries. In April 2017 the company became the first to be supported by the Cyberport Macro Fund and concluded its US$4 million series A funding. Clearly the University of Pennsylvania graduate has connections of her own.

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In the initial years people would often tell us that our vision was too big—that it's too tough and that we won’t get there… But whenever I get told it won’t work by investors, I get more energy and want to prove them wrong.

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